These are tailor-made sessions to your needs. I will first assess your ability & than design a personalised course for you to fit. A mentoring session is an opportunity to work with me and focus on your psychic, mediumistic & spiritual development. I will help you with your transformation and journey to self-reliance.

You will learn to make your own intuitive connections and gain momentum towards all that you aspire to do in this life! It is very important to work at your own pace and develop at a speed that you feel both confident and comfortable with.

Above all, deepening your spiritual practice and connecting with spirit & your higher self will empower you to achieve your life’s desires and purpose.

Gain the wisdom, love, insight and soul guidance from different realms with the impact of a mentoring session to help put their words into action and clarify your path further.

Personal One to one session for your development which I recommend once a week if someone is serious about it. I also give homework which simply means practice makes better. Sessions includes guided meditations, focused exercises, supportive theoretical discussion, and Q&A time, to deepen your understanding and abilities.

Sessions are one hour long. I suggest you have a journal or computer to write down the notes during the session.

We can work by either Zoom, Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp.